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The Davis Agency is a general agent, so we represent a variety of life insurance carriers. This allows us to find the most competitively priced coverage for Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Cash Value Insurance, Single Premium Insurance, and Saver’s Life Insurance programs. In most cases, we are able to get you a life insurance policy with any specific company you choose.

NJ Life Insurance With Health Problems

You may think health problems make you ineligible for life insurance, but we do carry life insurance policies from companies specializing in Term, Universal, and Whole Life insurance for New Jersey clients with existing health problems.

Life Insurance in New Jersey With Low Premiums

Because we offer coverage from so many NJ life insurance companies, we are able to shop for the lowest price on the coverage you need. We deal with some of the most competitive companies in the country, and our years of expertise will ensure you get the best possible price.

Cash Value Insurance: Universal Life and Whole Life Programs

If you are looking for a more permanent type of NJ life insurance, Universal Life and Whole Life programs allow you to budget your premium payments while still providing lifetime insurance coverage. These plans enable you to accumulate cash that can then be used to decrease future premium payments, purchase additional insurance, or supplement your income. We have options in the stock market which can potentially yield greater returns, and we have options with more conservative fixed asset returns.

Saver’s Life Insurance NJ

This unique NJ Life Insurance program allows you to use some of your assets such as C.D., passbooks, and savings accounts to purchase life insurance. Premiums are paid to this program for a limited amount of time, and the policy is structured to continue for as long as you choose with a full refund of the premium available after a certain number of years. This is a great option for elderly customers and elongates your relationship with the bank.

Single Premium NJ Life Insurance

This policy is for customers who are concerned about passing assets to heirs tax-free. It eliminates probate and expedites the inheritance process. What makes a single premium life insurance policy unique is that the one-time premium is always refundable to the policy owner.

Second To Die Life Insurance

Upon the death of you and your spouse, up to 55% of your estate may be lost to estate taxes. With Second to Die Life Insurance, you can pass more of your estate to your heirs and pay as little as 20% of your estate tax.

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